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Luxury Meets Residential at Your Boutique Washington DC Hotel

West End part of the Georgetown Collection is an all-suites destination within the world’s capital and a boutique hotel unlike any other in the area. West End shines not a spotlight but a glow upon all of its guests. Perhaps it is that glow - of warm welcome, of personal and genuine service, of discretion that continues to draw global travelers with great taste to our doors.

The world comes to Washington DC ready to accomplish, resolve, acknowledge, and discover. Those who come to this city to initiate greatness, witness it, or simply to get close-up with history - past and in-the-making - find themselves caught up in its intense pace and gravitas. In the heart of all the history and authority, West End manages to make you feel calmer and more genteel; West End part of the Georgetown Collection a place to catch your breath even in the midst of so much significance. In a word, our cosmopolitan, residential, all-suites hotel feel like home.

Welcome to West End part of the Georgetown Collection, a boutique pied-à-terre experience in DC's most desirable neighborhood.

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The West End Promise

boutique hotel suite at West End part of the Georgetown Collection

At West End part of the Georgetown Collection, our goal is to provide timeless hospitality and the feel of a private residence. The ambiance, curated amenities, bespoke service, and sophisticated culture of our boutique Washington DC hotel will serve to give you much more than just your bearings and somewhere to sleep in this part of the city. Together, we will provide you with an unmistakable sense of place so that you may explore, achieve, relax, and conquer while feeling right at home.

It is our quest to make each guest feel like an affluent resident of Washington DC even if only for a single night. That’s our promise.

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Hotel Meets Pied-à-Terre

At West End part of the Georgetown Collection, we make you feel at home in The Capital of the World. The antidote to the generic Washington DC hotel experience, our West End suites and classic, customized, informed service come together to create a truly singular pied-à-terre.

West End is Luxurious

Sumptuous, soothing, personal - West End part of the Georgetown Collection embodies the hallmarks of modern luxury. Our spacious suites and sophisticated service create a timeless elegance that evokes the classic city style of Georgetown.

West End is Cosmopolitan

There is something about being at ease in a big city that creates a sense of time and place. While travelers from across the globe may not have a complete handle on Washington DC, our expert team is here to provide guidance on all things - shortcuts through traffic, the best timing for visits to key Washington DC landmarks, and knowledge of the Foggy Bottom's pop-up cultural experiences. Special receptions in the lobby will provide guests the opportunity to mingle with visiting dignitaries, artists, and adventurers.

West End is Residential

We are your Georgetown residence. With all-suite accommodations, an attentive team to address your needs without hesitation, and decor that speaks to the history and significance of Georgetown, our boutique Washington DC hotel has the style and feel of the classic apartment house. Thoughtful touches like fresh flowers, familiar conversation, and beautiful lighting create a true sense of home, even if you have traveled from across the globe.

To learn more about your sophisticated Washington DC pied-à-terre, explore our boutique West End suites.

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Casta's Cuban Restaurant & Rum Bar

cuban speakeasy at costas in georgetown dc

Our guests and local patrons will enjoy speakeasy style cocktails and authentic Cuban fare at Casta's! Located in West End part of the Georgetown Collection, Casta's will offer a fully stocked rum bar featuring bright and robust bebidas to help you unwind after a productive and successful day. Sip on a refreshing mojito, a classic daiquiri, or a skillfully prepared speakeasy cocktail during your evening at Casta's. To create the ultimate Cuban experience, Casta's offers traditional favorites like Cubanos, tostones, empanadas, and ceviche for you to savor while you enjoy your cocktail.


Sunday-Thursday: 4PM-12AM
Friday & Saturday: 4PM-2AM

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